High-end, accessible, superior-quality condos

The Project

DELIVERY SPRING 2018 Vic&Lambert is an authentic living experience that’s close to the Saint-Lambert village—and your heart.   You’ll live in an inviting, superior-quality home, where you’ll happily stay for years to come!
Project features:
  • Expansive windows and superior soundproofing
  • Stunning view of downtown Montreal
  • 8-storey building with 52 condos
  • Planned LEED Gold certification (first residential project in Saint-Lambert!)
  • Private patios or balconies*
  • Hardwood floors
  • 9'-4'', 10' ou 11' ceilings
  • Rooftop gym and lounge
  • Innovative heating system
  • Shared gas water heater
  • Appliances included
  • Indoor parking
  • Within walking distance from the Saint-Lambert village and 10 minutes from downtown Montreal by car
  *For most units

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